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Welcome to Erlangen!

Erlangen, the Huguenot town which is located in the heart of the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region, provides a lot to its visitors. Student flair, traditions which are still very much alive, and an open-minded atmosphere are just a few attributes which make Erlangen so liveable and loveable.




1002 First mention of „Villa Erlangon" in official documents

1398 King Wenzel grants Erlangen the Auerbach town charter

1634 Devastation of the city by the Thirty Years War

1686 Arrival of the first Huguenot refugees, construction of the „Christian Erlang" baroque new town

1706 Great fire destroys the old town almost complety

1743 Foundation of Erlangen university

1755 Origin of the „Erlanger Bergkirchweih" fair

1945 Headquarters of the Siemens-Schuckert group move from Berlin to Erlangen