Erlanger Bergkirchweih - Prost!

Whitsun Folk Festival

"Erlanger Bergkirchweih"

The “Bergkirchweih” is an annual fair and beer festival in Erlangen


The Oktoberfest in Munich may be bigger and more famous than the “Bergkirchweih” in Erlangen. But the "Bergkirchweih", locally nicknamed “Berch” which means mountain or hill,  is 55 years older than the Oktoberfest, and according to the statements of its international visitors, the “Berch” is more original and much cosier, some call it the Europe’s largest beer garden. The “Bergkirchweih” is the oldest documented annual fair and beer festival in the world which attracts approximately one million visitors every year. With its remarkable charm and unique atmosphere, the “Bergkirchweih” enchants the tall and the small, and it always offers an element of surprise for young and old from near and far.


Festival history: On April 21, 1755, the council of the magistrate in the old town of Erlangen decided to move the traditional Whitsun market from downtown to the southern slope of the “Burgberg”- the “Bergkirchweih” was born. For the 262nd year now, guests can enjoy the cool and tasty “Bergbier” served in 1 litre-mugs made from stoneware or solide glass, try savoury Franconian specialities as well as culinary delights from all over the world while lingering beneath splendid ancient chestnut trees, illuminated by colourful paper lanterns. More than 100 stands, stalls, carousels and merry-go-rounds guarantee unforgettable hours of fun at the Erlanger Bergkirchweih.  


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